24 hours

A case study as brief as the day in which it took place

The case study
Client confidential for obvious reasons

Client confidential for obvious reasons

The challenge

An agency rep called me about a triage situation: their client, an international fast food chain, was launching a new breakfast menu. The agency had engaged a UX professional who'd spent a month working on it but had nothing to show but an incomplete site map. Knowing that I had a record of salvaging troubled projects, and given an already tenuous client relationship, the agency called me in to help.

What I didn't know until the 9 AM kickoff was that I had only 24 hours to pull together functional specifications from scratch before the client meeting.

My approach

I immediately gathered and assimilated all existing project materials. I then had what amounted to a requirements gathering call with the project team. I made it clear that the only chance of success was to have the entire project team on call for the duration.

I took an existing functional specifications template from a previous project and started adapting it using project materials, team input, and the existing parent site's architecture and tools for reference. I barely left my desk until it was finished.

Over several team calls and rapid iterations, and in the early hours of the next morning, I was able to deliver a 21-page set of specifications that the account team approved.

The outcome

I presented the work at 9 AM the next morning, the meeting was a success, and the client relationship remained intact.